Synchrotron Radiation and Nanotechnology

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With light beams of a long wavelength one can probe the surfaces of new structures, whereas with the penetrating X-rays one examines more the bulk properties of novel materials. Among the many research topics at the SLS are:

  • the structure of protein crystals; this is important for the development of new drugs and for understanding the human genome
  • magnetic properties of surfaces, leading e.g. to compact magnetic data storage systems
  • surfaces with low friction
  • catalytic surfaces
  • solar cells
  • high temperature superconductors
  • new materials relevant for environmental or energy issues
  • high resolution microscopy on surfaces
  • tracing minuscule contaminations on surfaces
  • spectroscopic analysis of atoms
  • 3d-imaging (micro-tomography) of biological materials
  • determination of crystal structures for mineralogy, chemistry, catalysis etc.
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