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In the Laboratory for Solid State Physics, our goal is to explore innovative research directions with the potential to discover new and potentially useful phenomena in condensed matter.

The understanding of solid-state systems has lead to a wealth of discoveries and to many applications. These govern our every-day live, most notably through the fundamental contributions to the development of our modern information society.

Materials are designed and synthesized on all length scales, from atomic to macroscopic, with different effective dimensionalities. Quantum phenomena of single electrons and of collective states are studied with a wide variety of advanced methods, which provide information about, for example, transport, thermodynamical, spectroscopic properties.

Synthesis and measurement techniques are developed in-house and in collaboration with ETH facilities (in particular the FIRST laboratory and the ScopeM facility). Our research agenda benefits from the proximity of the neutron (SINQ), X-ray (SLS), and Muon sources at the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI).

Our goal is to understand and tailor condensed-matter systems with respect to interactions that influence the properties of a solid at all length scales, and ultimately to provide the scientific underpinning of future technologies. Activities at LFKP are closely linked to the center for Quantum Science and Technology (QSIT), together with activities in the institutes of theoretical physics and quantum electronics.

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