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Upcoming talks in the Department of Physics.

1 March 2017, Colloquium

Topological Superconductors and Majorana Fermions

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8 March 2017, Colloquium

Necessity and Contingency of Physical Theories

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15 March 2017, Colloquium

Building Quantum Materials from Light

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22 March 2017, Colloquium

Electron Spin Resonance of Single Atoms on a Surface

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29 March 2017, Colloquium

Quantum Logic Spectroscopy of Trapped Ions

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5 April 2017, Colloquium

Atomic Scale Functional Devices

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12 April 2017, Colloquium

Making Sense of the Universe with Supercomputers

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26 April 2017, Inaugural lecture

Illuminating the Dark Universe with the help of supermassive black holes

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3 May 2017, Colloquium

From Pure Mathematics to Precision Physics: Modern Approaches to Scattering Amplitudes

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10 May 2017, Colloquium


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