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The standard curriculum of students enroled at ETH Zurich and interested in Solid State Physics begins with entering a general physics bachelor curriculum at ETH (see Physics Bachelor programme). In the first two years, students visit the general Physics courses for all physics students. In the third Bachelor year, they are expected to follow the course "Einführung in die Festkörperphysik" and take the corresponding examination (oral).

This is the best proparation for entering a Master curriculum with an emphasis on Solid State Physics. Having obtained the Bachelor diploma, the students interested in Solid State Physics have to enrol in the Master curriculum (see Physics Master programme) and take the"Advanced Solid State Physics" course, accompanied by a theoretical physics lecture with Solid State Physics content. In addition, students are expected to follow some of the corresponding specialized course in Solid State Physics.

For students who do not have a Bachelor in Physics from ETH Zurich, the Solid State Physics option within the Master has the same content, but they might have to level their knowledge with the ETH curriculum before they are accepted, administratively, as Master students.

The Laboratory offers a wide range of research topics for completing the Master curriculum with a Master projects (27 ECTS points). The prospective students should contact the research groups for finding an topic, time schedule and requirements for a Solid State Physics Master work.

After the Master, the Laboratory for Solid State Physics offers a wide range of research opportunities for a PhD. The interested students are invited to contact again the research groups and inquiring about the possibility of a PhD.

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