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Students having completed their Master and interested in starting a PhD should contact their future PhD supervisor directly and discuss all details (topic, financing, infrastructure and teaching duties) with him or her personally. The decision whether a student will be admitted to a PhD rests within the responsible supervisor.

A PhD student has to get 12 ECTS points credited, by following specialized lectures or by presenting oral and poster contributions on his or her work at conferences and workshops. As the main focus during the PhD project is on research, the amount of taken additional lectures is kept to a minimum and attending conferences is encouraged. The PhD students at the Physics Department are required to regularly assume teaching duties and to assist the lecturers in their lecture courses. This is an important step toward becoming an independent scientist. The research topics in Solid State Physics are broad.

How to Apply

If you fullfil the formal requirements for a Doctoral Study, your next step is to make a decision about the group and the topic you are interested in

Once you know where you would like to apply, you should contact the professor directly to find out about open PhD projects. You find the e-mail addresses of the professors here.

You will need to find a professor willing to accept you as a doctoral candidate. You will need the approval of this supervisor before submitting your formal application.

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