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Courses offered in the current semester by members of the Laboratory for Solid State Physics.

Courses Spring Semester 2016

Number Unit Lecturer
402-0034-10L Physics II  W. Wegscheider
402-0040-00L Physics I  D. Pescia,
Y. M. Acremann
402-0072-00L Physics  A. Zheludev
402-0318-00L Semiconductor Materials: Characterization, Processing and Devices  W. Wegscheider,
S. Schön
402-0501-00L Solid State Physics  G. Blatter,
C. Degen,
K. Ensslin,
D. Pescia,
M. Sigrist,
A. Wallraff,
A. Zheludev
402-0516-10L Group Theoretical Methods in Solid State Physics  D. Pescia
402-0530-00L Mesoscopic Systems  T. M. Ihn
402-0538-16L Introduction to Magnetic Resonance for Physicists  C. Degen
402-0564-00L Solid State Optics  L. Degiorgi
402-0577-00L Quantum Systems for Information Technology  A. Wallraff
402-0596-00L Electronic Transport in Nanostructures  T. M. Ihn
402-0909-00L Physics Didactics II: Motivating Instruction Commensurate with the Level  C. Wagner,
A. Vaterlaus
402-0924-00L Internship Physics Didactics  M. Mohr,
A. Vaterlaus,
C. Wagner
406-0023-AAL Physics  L. Degiorgi
406-0062-AAL Physics I  A. Vaterlaus
406-0063-AAL Physics II  A. Vaterlaus
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